The Chef

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food"
George Bernard Shaw

"It was at the young and tender age of nine or so that I announced to the world that I wanted to be a cook. It was the magic of mixing ingredients together; watching the metamorphosis in my mother's oven and the excitement of licking the spoon as reward for making a mess.

Our garden was a place of mystery and awe from Spring through to September; watching the first shoots showing their heads, collecting and gathering, bottling poached fruits, the jam and chutney making. It was being constantly surrounded by smells and aromas of food and ingredients that lit a fire in me that is still burning bright to this day. Time has flown by since then but I still get the tingle of excitement and anticipation like a child before Christmas when I'm handling food and ingredients.

Food is constantly evolving and today we find ourselves in a new and modern world of cuisine where we have seen great change in the evolution of gastronomy. Our aim in the Bayview's Ballycotton restaurant, is to create a journey of tastes and textures that excite the palate, using both classic and modern techniques without forgetting the key element of food which is sublime taste and flavour.

The key to quality food is quality ingredients sourced as locally as possible: Taste is found in food where the greatest care has been given to retain its natural form and flavour. We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure we deliver the finest standards.

Our staff play an invaluable part in the day to day running of the restaurant with their individual personalities, passion and love for the job they undertake.

Please remember Quality Food takes Time; time to nurture and grow; time to harvest and prepare; and time to cook with admiration, respect. passion and most importantly, time to enjoy.

Finally dining in our Ballycotton Restaurant should be fun, abandoning your day to day life and going on an adventure of of the senses; the smells, sights, tastes and textures, something you wouldn't or couldn't do at home."

Ciaran Scully and staff